Have you taken your happy steps today?

Be happy and healthy with minimal efforts! Does it sound like an enigma? Actually, it’s a fact and by following a few simple steps every day, we can make our banal life, a little healthier and happy. 1. Brush like a yogi: Stand on one foot while you brush your teeth. This simple yoga can... Continue Reading →


Love your loneliness

Say you are alone. Among the city crowd and on the street, or in the shadowed balcony, not a soul around. Say you are alone. With the morning cup of tea, at the window seat of an old bus, or in the afternoon drizzle; lonely like a half burned tree in the sudden lightning. What... Continue Reading →

How to maintain your health?

#healthylifestyle, #goodthoughts, #article Before you proceed with this article, ask yourself, Am I healthy? Do I follow the requirements to lead a healthy life? Should I care for my health? If your answer to these questions is No or Not Sure, you could glance through this article to get your doubts clarified. Health is not... Continue Reading →

Kulfi Chacha

Part 1 That afternoon, I had been pre-occupied with the preparations for my daughter’s fifth birthday. Wearing an apron, and armed with a spatula, I came out of the kitchen to remind my husband for the third time to pick up the return gifts from the local gift shop. I had ordered painting kits for... Continue Reading →

Weave a magic on air

The radio has always been a magic device! A few decades earlier, you could listen to the grave and magnetic voices of the presenter, memorize the frequently repeated ad jingles and groove on to some really good music. To keep up with advancing technology and digital experience, the radio has also transformed itself into a... Continue Reading →

Shop your heart out

Shopping can be fun, whether it is online or offline. You either drive up to a store and pick your stuffs, or, log in to an app and pick your items from the comfort of a couch. Whatever it is, shopping makes you happy, and takes your mind off your problems for some time, for... Continue Reading →

Broken Assumptions

An assumption can be a blessing or a curse, depending on the people, place and time. We tend to assume ideas, feelings, reactions, situations and much more every day; that is human nature. For example, a few evenings back, I was enjoying a leisurely walk at the park, when I found a little girl playing... Continue Reading →

Following A Story

The heat in this part of the world is unbearable, especially for someone who has been in the West all his life. The dry, arid weather is almost choking him. At one point of time, he had decided to pack his bags and leave. But Fatimah and her thoughts have been something, which he hasn’t... Continue Reading →

Flaunt in style

Hey there! Yeah, I am talking to you. What are you staring at? Am I not pretty? No? I may not be bright and colorful, with intricate designs; but hey, I am beautiful, and unique too. Did you say I am dark and hideous? How can I be? Look at my grey shades, my deep... Continue Reading →

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