Following A Story

The heat in this part of the world is unbearable, especially for someone who has been in the West all his life. The dry, arid weather is almost choking him. At one point of time, he had decided to pack his bags and leave. But Fatimah and her thoughts have been something, which he hasn’t... Continue Reading →


Flaunt in style

Hey there! Yeah, I am talking to you. What are you staring at? Am I not pretty? No? I may not be bright and colorful, with intricate designs; but hey, I am beautiful, and unique too. Did you say I am dark and hideous? How can I be? Look at my grey shades, my deep... Continue Reading →

Emotions untamed

Tch, tch!! Look at that nasty kid, throwing temper tantrums at his mother! He has not been taught any disciplines. A very common thought among most of us, when often we come across screaming and crying kids at shopping malls, departmental stores or at an airport. It’s so easy to stereotype the mother and accuse... Continue Reading →

Partake: The icing on the cake

Beep. Beep. Beep. The oven signaled that the food was ready. Mom’s expert hands carefully brought the tray outside and gently placed it on the table. It was a chocolate cake. The aroma made me come out running from my room, and I stopped short, just at the table, staring at the yummy delicacy. Mom... Continue Reading →

Unforgettable melodies: Living my dream

Granny used to be our favorite story-teller. I and my sister never went to bed without listening to one of her stories. They were usually based on simple village folks, fishermen, farmers, a naughty kid or a greedy woodcutter. She repeated the same stories over and over again; we listened, silent and attentive, until we... Continue Reading →

Bursting bubbles: A frothy affair

Froth is in fashion these days; originally designed by Nature in the form of sea waves, eventually adopted by man in the form of coffee icing and several others. We love that creamy, light texture in our most mundane and ordinary things. It beautifies our morning coffee, making it more attractive and irresistible. For people... Continue Reading →

Sunbeam – A tiny tale

A luminescent flash and a loud thud, followed by a searing pain on my forehead, and then everything was dark. I felt the warm rays of the morning sun on my face and a hint of a smile crossed my lips. My eyes opened to a large, well-lit room, having numerous machines linked to my... Continue Reading →

Adrenaline rush – excitement tamed

Traveling through the town these days is a hard task. Whether it’s an appointment, or a casual meeting, reaching your desired place on time can be a serious challenge. So many people rushing to make it, so many cars honking through the busy roads, create a labyrinth of people and vehicles, which is hard to... Continue Reading →

Frigid – a revellation

Frigid Finally, the ordeal came to an end. Months of depression, anxiety, sighs, sleepless nights, embarrassments are all over today. We are officially divorced. I had been waiting eagerly for this day, free and fine. But, freedom comes with a price. Thoughts are hard to shut, memories are difficult to erase. As I make my favorite... Continue Reading →

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