The Rains

Relaxed after a tiring day, a coffee in hand and a book to read, I looked wantonly at the rain outside. The cool breeze brought with it a smell of freshly wet roads. Didn’t you ever find the rain drops enchanting? Well, I did. Its amazing effect on my senses had always fascinated me. I think it’s refreshing effect works equally on men and plants alike, though we don’t realize it often.

I remember the days when I used to dance in the rain with my pals, sail paper boats and see them float away. Those were the days!! How time flies and wishes change. Now, I dare not get myself wet in the rain. Well, not too many sick leaves are available at work!

Khichdi used to be an all-time favorite during the rains. My mom got all the inspiration from the rain clouds, it seems. Mostly, it did not need rain to savor a plate of this delicacy, the mere appearance of the rain clouds was enough! You must be thinking that I have cooked khichdi today. Hell no! It’s roti and sabzi like any other busy day, when my work would demand some more of my time.

The terrace used to be my favorite place during the rains. From there, you could see the whole sky, so real, so close, as if you can touch. And while removing the freshly washed clothes from the rope, I always stayed back a little more, just to absorb the wind, the clouds, the smell, into me and be one with those. The balcony doesn’t give you the same feeling, though. It’s more like an extended window, which offers you a very limited view of the sky, often interrupted by other skyscrapers around.

The phone rings breaking my thoughts. I dreamily respond, “Ha Maa, bolo.” “Beta, khana kha liya?” she inquires. “Ha Maa, kha liya”, I replied. “Aj mai khichdi banayi thi, par barish hi nahi huyi”, she complained. “Yeha barish to huyi Maa, par aapke haath ki khichdi nahi thi”, I sighed.


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