To pack or not to pack!

“T-shirts, track pants, camera, charger, power bank, first-aid kit…mmm…that’s all, right Pinti?” Silence. “Pinti?… Pintiiiiiiii!!!” I screamed. “What happened?” came the calmest reply. “Hey! What are you up to? There is so much to pack and I am just not able to manage!” I sighed. “I am cleaning the camera, Mimi. You just need to relax a bit. Sit down here beside me and have this.” He handed me half a glass of Thumbs Up. I gulped down the cool drink and stared at him blankly. “You see this? The fungus gathers here. If you don’t clean it properly, it will not capture good pictures. See, it’s done now. Looks almost new!” he chirped happily. I was amazed at his calm and composed demeanor. He never gets tensed; particularly, when he is with his favorite gadget, no amount of tension or stress can touch him. “What are you thinking so hard? Worried about packing? I will pack everything in 10 minutes. Just wait and watch” he said with a wink.

“Ok, let me see, what have you got here. Hmmm..ok, ok. Everything’s here, just the mosquito repellant is missing and the water bottle. Now just pack these in the back pack, keeping the small sized stuff in the front section, that’s it.” He looked at me and smiled. “Mimi, check this with your final list. Just to be sure we haven’t missed anything.” I checked the items with my list and found it to be perfect. “All ok” I looked at him and smiled. “What would I have done without you?” I made a puppy-face and blew a kiss.

My phone rang, it was Rumia. “Hey! What’s going on?” she chirped. “Our packing is done, just running a check through. What about you guys?” I asked. “Ohh we are already done. 2 more hours and will set off towards your place” she replied. “We are super excited!” Amar pitched in from the other end. “We toooooo!” me and Pinti cheered together.

Our journey begins here.


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