Churn out your dreams

via Daily Prompt: Churn Churn


Today is just another day, an ordinary day, an ordinary moment for you. Juggling between your daily chores, office work and expectation is tiresome; only if you allow yourself to be swallowed in. Life is not always fair, the bad guys are not always punished and the good ones are not always rewarded. But, you still have a chance. You will always have a chance to live the way you want to, till your last breath.

Are you a victim of expectations?

No, you’re not. You chose to be the way you are. And somewhere you have found your little happiness too. But in some dark corner of your heart, lives the dream that you once dreamt, the love that you once loved, the desires that you once had. Churn them out!! Bring out the dreams, the love, the hopes and rediscover yourself. Be like the sun, shine bright with your own light.

The best is yet to come.

Once you chase your dreams, it energizes you, refills you with the lost happiness, it completes you in a way. Yeah, the road is not easy. It’s like a game with a lot of obstacles. But, what is life without some challenges? Or, some tricky riddles? You have been there, you have done that. Why bury your dreams along with your body? You can still fulfill them, you can still make a move, there’s still time.

Try it out, what say?

Today, would you go ahead and take a step, just a tiny step towards your lost dream. Would you pen down your stories on paper, for the writer in you? Would you follow those dance steps on YouTube, for the dancer in you? Would you hit the first beat, for the drummer in you? Most importantly, would you make a difference? Whatever makes you happy, whatever your heart wants, churn it out, for once, for yourself.


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