Adrenaline rush – excitement tamed


Traveling through the town these days is a hard task. Whether it’s an appointment, or a casual meeting, reaching your desired place on time can be a serious challenge. So many people rushing to make it, so many cars honking through the busy roads, create a labyrinth of people and vehicles, which is hard to cross.

Human beings are supposed to be considerate and emotional. The moment we step on the road, these particular feelings disappear just like that. People are in a rush to throw others out, to push oneself no matter what, to go for the killer move. As if some strange, creepy award is waiting to be received beyond the finish line.

Am I different?

No way. I too belong to the same flock. Rushing through peak hour traffic, hurrying to reach somewhere before the car next to me does. What a race! Just that the finishing lines are different. Still, I love to race. Maybe I have not been able to forget the famous saying – ‘Life is a race’. It energizes me, it pushes my adrenaline giving a glow to my cheeks, it’s fun, adventurous and deadly.

So, what happened today?

As I sat in the driver’s seat, a sudden thought crossed my mind. What if any day I get stuck with my car, or be the victim of an accident. People will race past me without stopping, maybe not even looking. The thought made me shiver. It was time to change.

I took a pledge: slow down, look, and move. Maybe I can take the first step and people will follow. Hope lives!



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