Sunbeam – A tiny tale


A luminescent flash and a loud thud, followed by a searing pain on my forehead, and then everything was dark.

I felt the warm rays of the morning sun on my face and a hint of a smile crossed my lips. My eyes opened to a large, well-lit room, having numerous machines linked to my body, with a huge window overlooking the bay. People were sunbathing, and making the most of their time at the beach. There was a low pain on my forehead, which was now covered with a bandage.

With some difficulty, I could lift myself up and put my foot down on the floor. Slowly, I walked to the window and stood there, enjoying the scenery and smiling to myself. The door opened and a nurse appeared. She checked the chart hanging at the foot of my bed and turned around to inspect one of the machines. Just then, I happened to look at my bed. I saw a man lying there very still and unmoving, breathing softly. He looked exactly like me.

“Doctor, it has been 24 hours and he has not regained consciousness. But, look at his face. It seems that he has a smile on his lips!” the nurse commented. The doctor who had just entered, looked at his patient and replied, “He must be hallucinating. He has a head injury and it’s common in such cases.” Saying this, both of them walked out of the room, leaving the man smiling on his own fate.

via Daily Prompt: Luminescent


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