Bursting bubbles: A frothy affair


Froth is in fashion these days; originally designed by Nature in the form of sea waves, eventually adopted by man in the form of coffee icing and several others. We love that creamy, light texture in our most mundane and ordinary things. It beautifies our morning coffee, making it more attractive and irresistible. For people who are unable to express their feelings, the froth icing is re-shaped into a milky heart to be tasted by that special someone. Heart business, that’s how our café’s flourish!

Right from our toothpaste, to soaps and detergents, froth has been an integral part of our daily lives. We are connected to it like free Wi-Fi! This loyal friend serves us in ways more than one. We use it to fool others as well. Half a Liter of milk or, 3/4th mug of beer looks full with the mirage of froth on it. And we love it anyways!

Partying with friends? Champaign is a must have! In fact, the party is incomplete until you shake, pop and bath your guests in froth, making the perfect setting for an amazing photograph. Even, I have one such crazy picture!

The white, serene froth of the sea; the steamy cool froth of the waterfall; the colorful bubbles in the bath tub; the cool, rising froth in a drink, and the list seems to go on forever. I am sure you would be able to add more to this list, I leave that to you! Have a warm and frothy day! And now, I think I should treat myself to a cup of steaming, velvety, frothy coffee.



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