Emotions untamed


Tch, tch!! Look at that nasty kid, throwing temper tantrums at his mother! He has not been taught any disciplines.

A very common thought among most of us, when often we come across screaming and crying kids at shopping malls, departmental stores or at an airport. It’s so easy to stereotype the mother and accuse her of being a bad guide to the child. Honestly, even I have had such a thought!

But, on considerations, a temper tantrum or an outburst of a kid depends on several factors, the most common being, a strong wish for something or someone. The child may be pestering the mother for a candy, a toy, or even a pet. On being refused, the child is unable to accept the refusal and throws tantrums; it is also a way to convince the mother to get that wish fulfilled.

Sometimes, children wish to be with the people they love. That person may be parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, siblings or even best friends. And when that does not happen, they go into a fit. This happens mostly in airports, where you usually come to drop off or receive someone.

As I said, tantrums are a mixed emotion flared up by wishes, events and even dreams. So, I feel it would be wrong to blame either the mother, father or anyone in particular for the tantrums of a child. And, also not all tantrums are bad. Some are outright hilarious! Yes, it is funny to see a child roll on the floor to convince his mother!

Whatever it is, it’s not something to be embarrassed about. Rather, parents could try to explain and prepare the child for certain situations, which would also contribute to their physical and mental growth. To a certain extent, we could allow them to be themselves, good or bad, and hope that eventually they will learn from their life experiences. After all, they are just kids!


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