Flaunt in style


Hey there! Yeah, I am talking to you. What are you staring at? Am I not pretty? No?

I may not be bright and colorful, with intricate designs; but hey, I am beautiful, and unique too. Did you say I am dark and hideous? How can I be? Look at my grey shades, my deep dark spots, and delicate mystical patterns. It speaks aloud about the intensity, desperation, and madness of the artist. Yes, I am a piece of art, the devil’s creation.

I am born out of passionate and unmatched insanity, hatred, and sadistic pleasure. She had screamed a lot; my touch pained her and burned her very soul. And then, I made a mark; a mark that would stay with her for life, and be a part of her identity. But I believe, the pain made her stronger than ever. She could stand up to her fears and nightmares. At least, the pain I inflicted, benefited her in ways more than one. She has divorced her husband.

It’s been 3 years! Now, she loves me; I can feel her acceptance. She has made a new friend, who cares for her, just like me. Somewhere, I believe, that this time, she is making the right choice; she will get a companion for life, a new hope which will remain with her. Her friend loves me too, his touch, his kiss, makes me feel the intensity of his emotions. Together, they flaunt me to the world as a prized treasure, a gift that has bestowed love and friendship, and joined the spheres to make a whole.

Did I introduce myself? Well, I am a scar on her face, an imprint of marital abuse.



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