Broken Assumptions


An assumption can be a blessing or a curse, depending on the people, place and time. We tend to assume ideas, feelings, reactions, situations and much more every day; that is human nature.

For example, a few evenings back, I was enjoying a leisurely walk at the park, when I found a little girl playing with her toy alone. I walked up to her and was just trying to start a conversation when a lady came up to her running and pulled the girl away. It seemed weird, and I doubted whether the lady mistook me for a child kidnapper. Well, I assumed her thoughts about me and walked of smiling to myself. I decided that maybe, next time if I happen to meet a kid, I wouldn’t try to strike a conversation, however tempting it might be.

This is something we cannot control, though it is in our hands. There are very few people around us who do not assume things and remain patient enough to know the truth. It is so easy to blame someone or something for a bad day, a broken heart, or a shattered dream. We get utmost satisfaction and our mind is at peace. But, we do not realize that this assumption is hurting us as well as the other person.

It’s better to ask a question and be laughed at than to assume and take a wrong step. Real conversations are far more interesting than made up stories.


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